Without Change There Would Be No Butterflies Word Art SVG

This saying has always been one of my favorites, and when I’m going through a rough patch I try to remember that sometimes change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have left all words on their own layer so that you can rearrange things to fit the project you are creating if you need to. This is an SVG only … Read more

Welcome Seasonal Sign with Interchangeable Images

Add some seasonal cheer to your door, or use this sign as a home decor piece, and be in the season year round with the interchangeable “O” images. I was inspired to make this sign after seeing one of those promoted ads on Facebook, I might not complain about those ads as much now since this one inspired me 😉 … Read more

Night Shift Worker Do Not Knock Door Sign

My youngest son recently started working a 12 hour night shift job, so he sleeps during the day now, and knocking or ringing the doorbell wakes him up. I designed this simple file to put on a sign that I hung on both our front and back door…let’s hope people can read and are considerate. This is an SVG only … Read more

The Kids Are Making Memories Word Art SVG

My daughter-in-law saw a sign with this saying on it and wanted one of her own so I obliged. In her defense, I personally think she’s a great housewife, but the sign is sure to be a conversation starter. 🙂 This is an SVG only file so there is no direct link to a Cricut Design Space project. You can … Read more