What’s New at Tidbits and Tinkerings

Hello all! I have some news and a favor to ask of my subscribers. First, the news! I’ve started my own Facebook group for all things Cricut! The group is just a hatchling for now but I hope to see it grow quickly and be filled with projects, help, and encouragement for crafters of all skill levels so please join … Read more

TroyGram | Monograms for Crafting and More

If you’ve been searching for an easy way to create monograms for your crafting projects then the search is over! Enter TroyGram, an online monogram generator from the owner of 651vinyl.com and the popular YouTube channel TroyTube. While this generator isn’t quite as streamlined as the popular Monogram It app that is no longer available, it produces very nice, cuttable monograms … Read more