Santa Trousers Treat Box

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Give your treat recipients a little chuckle by delivering their goodies in Santa’s trousers. The box, minus the “suspenders”, measures 2.5″ high by 4″ squared.


Assemble the box by folding along the score lines and then gluing the 4 sides together. For the fold along the top you’ll want to glue your tabs to the corners of each panel on the outside and then fold over the top rim and glue it down to hide the tabs. Use the white scallop pieces to wrap around the top edge of the box. Take the belt and slide it through the slits in the buckle and then glue it in place. Now fold the “suspenders” in half and glue the folds together and then glue them to the front and back inside of the box. Now just add your buttons and you are done!

Go here to get the Cricut Design Space file.

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