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I’ve always been enthralled by perpetual calendars so I decided to put my Cricut to work and make my own. Now when I need to know what the date is I don’t have to do anything more than glance over to the corner of my desk. It’s not only functional but it can be made in a plethora of colors and patterns to match any decor and even folds flat for mailing to give as a gift.
In the Cricut Design Space file I have included the exact number of pieces you will need to complete this project. I opted to use stamps for the numbers and washi tape for the thin border on each number card but the numbers are included in the file as well as a decorative border that can use if you choose. I first intended to use vinyl for my numbers but then remembered that I had a set of stamps that would be perfect for this project. Now that I have that out of the way … on to the actual instructions.

After you’ve numbered all of your cards you will sort them left to right into 4 stacks with the 0 being at the top of each stack: 0-1, 0-9, 0-3, 0-9. Next you will fold your calendar base on both score lines and then adhere your decorative panel to the inside of the widest fold, your base will fold into an easel so fold it and then make sure you’re putting the panel on the right side before you stick it down. Now you will take your numbers and thread each stack onto a jump ring; I used 12mm rings that I picked up from Michael’s. Now attach each stack to the calendar base in the same left to right order. Finish it off by folding it into an easel and then attaching the decorative frame toward the front of the base with foam tape or dots to act as a catch.

You can grab the Cricut Design Space file from here. If you would like to use the “Love every day” text that I used on mine (pictured) I have included the SVG file that I created which you can download below.

If you prefer to download the calendar in SVG format you can do so below. Please be aware that the SVG versions are ONLY the cuts for the base design and do not include any decorative elements, you are basically starting with a blank canvas to decorate yourself.

Inspiration for this project comes from Betty Traciak of Splitcoaststampers.

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