Got a Bug? Get Well Cascade Card

I probably had the most fun designing and decorating this cute little cascade card than I have any other card I’ve made to date. It just can’t help but bring a smile to the face of the recipient no matter how bad they are feeling. You can easily change up the theme by replacing the little bugs and changing the text on the signs.

This card is fairly straightforward to assemble once you get all the pieces printed and cuts made. I’ve made a quick video showing how to assemble the cascade card base that you can watch on my YouTube channel here.

You can grab the Cricut Design Space file from here.

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16 Responses

  1. Vickie Rigden says:

    Oh my gosh I can not THANK YOU enough, I have been trying to make this cards base in DS for a long time. I can not figure out how to measure to add the score and cut lines.
    THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN for sharing this. I tried to subscribe to your newsletter but having trouble for some reason. THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙂

  2. Patricia J Burton says:

    Thank you for fixing it!

  3. Carol says:

    Adorable card, thanks so much for sharing your file.

  4. Teri Brown says:

    I have recreated this file and updated the link so if you were wanting to make the card you should now be able to do so. 🙂

  5. Diane says:

    I cannot get the file to show up at all in Design Space, with or without the dragonfly. Love this card would love to try to make it.

  6. Sue Trudeau says:

    I made this after the last card crop and it came out so cute. I went back into my files to make again and the file does not show up. I tried the link just know and it goes to DS but nothing is in it. Is there a fee now? Thank you, Sue Trudeau

    • Teri Brown says:

      Hi Sue. I’m not exactly sure what happened with this project. There was a problem a week or so ago with the dragonfly missing from the Design Space library so I contacted support about it and they thanked me and said that they would get it taken care of. Well, I guess they did something with that particular image that is causing the problem with this project. I’m traveling today and tomorrow but will be contacting Cricut support again on Monday to see if there is any way possible for them to correct whatever caused the problem.

      • Susan says:

        Thank you. You are correct that the dragon fly was missing, even when I made it once. I just made another flower to fill in. But this card is just adorable. Thank you so much!

        Sue Trudeau

  7. Evelyn says:

    So cute, do you offer this in svg format?

  8. PJ says:

    I’ll have to make several of these to keep on hand, thank you for all your efforts; we appreciate your talent and generosity!

  9. sooo cute!!! Love it!!! TY 🙂

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