Christmas Scene Luminaries

This file contains 3 “scenes” for the luminaries … Santa’s sleigh, a village, and pine trees. I made the box itself so that it can sit down over a battery powered tealight so there is no bottom on the box.

Assemble your “window” by building your layers in this order: frame, scene, vellum, curtain. I used a white chalk marker and added a moon and falling snow on the back of the vellum after my window was assembled. Now put the bow topper together … the 2 funny shaped strips (polka dots in my pic) get attached to the bottom of the bow and will wrap around each side of the box. Next fold and assemble the box, adhere the window to the front and then attach the bow topper.

This project is only available for Cricut Design Space. You can grab the file from here.

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